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Indian Community in the UAE

The Indian Community in the UAE, numbering 3.3 million, constitutes around 32% of the total population. With the emergence of the need for professionals to meet the need of the expanding service sector, the profile of the Indian community changed and now 15-20% of the Indian Community is made up of professionally qualified personnel followed by 20 percent white collar non-professionals (clerical staff, shop assistants, sales men, accountants, etc) and remainder 60% comprises of blue-collar workers. The economic boom in the UAE created a huge demand for short-term immigrant labour which witnessed increasing numbers of white collar non-professionals and professionals coming from India in the recent years.

The general problems faced by the community are:

  1.    Non-payment or delayed payment of salaries
  2.    Delay in getting service benefits, dues & death compensation
  3.    Non-implementation of Court Verdicts
  4.    Problems of Housemaids
  5.    Illegal Workers
  6.    Fine/Imprisonment & Deportation of illegals
  7.    Settlement of Labour Disputes
  8.    Retention of Passports by the Sponsors/UAE authorities
  9.    Recovery of fees from workers
  10.    Transportation of dead bodies to India in case of unnatural death
  11.    Arrest Cases
  12.    Personal/Family Problems

The grievance redressal mechanisms were earlier grossly inadequate and biased in favor of the employer. Over the last few years, there has been a steady improvement in their situation both in terms of the treatment of the workers and grievance redressal mechanisms. Pravasi Bharatiya Sahayata Kendra (PBSK), with a 24-hour helpline, was inaugurated in Dubai by Hon’ble President of India in November 2010.